The project includes a 97,000+/- expansion for a data center located on the southwest corner of New Albany Road East and New Albany-Condit Road. The estimated private investment is approximately $72 million. The project also includes the retention of 1,581 employees ($65 million annual payroll) and the creation of 162 new jobs ($7.2 million payroll). The Job Retention and Creation Tax Credits described below will not begin until the tax abatement on the existing property expires (2015).

Incentive Proposal & Value (Over the term of the incentive):

  • 65% real property tax abatement on the new data center for 15 years (estimated value: $9.2 million);
  • Retention & Creation Credit for 30% for ten years (value: $4.7 miillion);

Estimated Community Value (Over 15 years):

  • Total income tax generated: $15.3 million
  • Property Tax Revenue from data center: $4.97 million
  • Property Tax Revenue from operations center: $19.5 million
  • Estimated capital investment: $72 million
  • Commitment to Healthy New Albany
  • Commitment to sustainable development practices on the site