Public Partners

The success of New Albany and its nationally-renowned master planned community is the result of enduring public-private partnerships that engaged and sustained the support of key local, county and state government agencies, as well as real estate development organizations, to build a 21st century model community.

Partnerships are at the heart of The New Albany Company’s success. Working closely with national and local leaders within the real estate industry, The New Albany Company is positioned to develop everything from residential neighborhoods and civic landmarks to corporate headquarters that adhere to New Albany’s master-plan and vision, ensuring that they will stand the test of time and be enjoyed by generations to come.

Over the last thirty years, our most important partner has been the City of New Albany itself.   Through forward thinking leadership from the City’s elected officials, the City has embraced the concept of a master planned community and worked tirelessly to bring that vision into reality.  The City’s dedicated professional staff has achieved a unique balance between protecting community’s core values and standards while providing the prompt, efficient service necessary to thrive in today’s business and development environment.

Today, The New Albany Company continues its collaborative effort to fulfill the vision of its master plan and build upon the community’s residential and business assets to drive growth and investment.