Master Plan It's what brings us together as a community that sets us apart.

The axis upon which development evolves in New Albany is a master plan that transformed a picturesque hamlet, founded in 1837, into a 21st century community acclaimed for its smart growth policies, architectural integrity, pastoral settings, community interaction, pedestrian-friendly amenities and economic vitality.

Developed in the 1990’s by The New Albany Company in collaboration with the City of New Albany, the New Albany master plan meticulously puts into practice the guiding principles of community building, touching upon everything from the preservation of green space to commercial development.  At its core are distinctive features that reflected the best attributes of New Urbanism, long before it became fashionable:

  • Pedestrian-friendly
  • Connectivity
  • Mixed use and diversity
  • Versatile residential choices
  • Quality architecture
  • Traditional neighborhoods
  • Sustainability
  • Quality of life

Video courtesy of the City of New Albany.